Powder Room Redesign

I've been thinking about redecorating my powder room lately.  It currently has deep red walls with paint left over from the dining room project and I added burnished-gold metallic streaks throughout for a dramatic look which I love in powder rooms, but now I'm ready to lighten it up! 

It may be the beautiful summer weather we've been having or my need to constantly simplify that I'm now thinking of creating a more tranquil space, despite my love of jewel-box powder rooms.  Here are some inspiration shots I've been pondering:

I love the earthy stone basin and pedestal with a tiled wall and the water spout
coming right out of the mirror.  It's a simple design and yet so sensational at the same time. 

Another room with similar concept but the steel basin adds an industrial quality

Frosted glass floating counter top keeps this powder room streamlined and spacious
photo via igougo

This powder room by Charlotte Moss makes quite the statement emphasizing the height
of the room with oversized artwork hung to the ceiling and tiles on every wall including
the ceiling (or the "5th wall" as designers like to call it).  The select decorative accessories
and lighting blend seamlessly while the very unique, egg-shaped basin against the
dark counter top take centre stage.

Nothing's more classic and contemporary than black & white. 
A gorgeous marble tiled wall sets the tone for the quietly lavish space while contrasting 
metal vanity with rectangular sink keep it streamlined.  Not crazy about the wall sconces,
but that discussion is for another post.

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