Should YOU Hire a Designer?

You’ve got great taste. You like to shop for your home. You have a good eye for colour combinations. You even have a handy person to help out with your DIY projects. So why should YOU hire a designer?  Here's a few reasons to consider it.

• We can help you pull a whole look together, starting with a vision and an overall plan that captures a mood and functional requirements for the room, addressing your specific needs and lifestyle.

• We can save you money, with access to a wide range of trade-only showrooms and resources, while ensuring you get great quality and value for your budget

• We can save you precious time by sourcing materials, furniture, trades people and project managing the whole process allowing you to be as involved as you would like to be (or not!)

• We can save you from making mistakes, with experience doing similar projects we can highlight pros and cons of using certain products while addressing specific design dilemmas

• We will make sure the project is completed...any unfinished projects at your house?

Sound pretty good so far? Here are some other things to think about.

Do you watch the decorating programs on TV and think “Why can’t I get my house to look like that?” It doesn’t look like that because it doesn’t happen in 30 minutes or with crazy glue keeping fabric together just long enough to style a shot. Behind the scenes are dozens of people contributing to the process and helping move the project along after months of planning – it’s not just the design talents of the good looking on-air personality!

• A good designer will interview you and understand your lifestyle, current and future needs, and personality, not just what your favourite colours are and how you use that particular room

• A trained designer will be educated on the benefits and advantages of using certain products, materials, and finishes as well as when and how to select the appropriate materials for your project and your lifestyle

• Experienced designers have worked with trades people and developed a team of trusted businesses that will do quality work in your home and will address any potential issues with professionalism

• Designers also have access to a wide variety of showrooms and trade-only resources you don’t have allowing you to get a unique look that doesn’t all come from one or two stores

• An informed designer will stay on top of trends and continue to educate themselves on the latest materials, supplier offerings, and sustainable products that save you in the long run and ensure your home is as stylish as you are

If you think you can’t afford a designer, think again. Then think about finding one that meets your needs and fits well with your style and personality. This is someone you may be spending a lot of time with for several months, so it’s important that you build a good rapport and can see yourself coming to trust their input and feel comfortable with their approach. Some designers will offer various levels of service based on the project scope and how involved you would like to be in the process and to help meet your budget. Don’t forget, you can also stagger a larger project into phases over time to ensure you’re still getting the quality you want.

So if you think you’re ready to make some changes in your home, consider how a designer can help you save time, money, and prevent mistakes, but also give you access to exclusive trade-only resources, bring in quality trades, and help you achieve the home of your dreams, on your budget. Then contact Second Wind Interior Design.

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