Christmas Inspiration

The dreary rainy day we had today made me feel like doing some holiday decorating so, I went off to my favourite garden centre Terra to see what goodies I could find to fill my outdoor urn.  This place is always full of decorated trees and the latest ornaments too.

First the kids Christmas tree - wouldn't this be sweet in the play room?

A nice combo of chartreuse, gold and chocolate!
A fresh take on traditional decor

A bronze tree covered in gold silk hydrangeas and pine cones
I can see this tree in the library

Feathers, metallics and sparkly bits add some glamour to any holiday decor

What about a HOT Christmas?
Not sure I like the red tree, but I love the porcelain reindeer - so elegant.

Another reindeer stands proudly by the tree -
protecting the gifts from crazy pets perhaps!

Plaid is alive and well this Christmas and thanks to Steven & Chris  for
bringing us a new take on plaid with grey and black accessories - very cool!


Aren't these stockings cute?

A nice hostess gift and it's already wrapped in a reusable burlap bag, very eco-friendly

I left the store with some boxwood, magnolia and cedar branches for my urn and some other goodies.  Check back for the results coming soon.

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