Spring Antique Fair

Twice per year I venture out for a day of treasure hunting in the park at Christie's Antique Fair in Dundas, Ontario where over 300 vendors from across North America come for one big day of vintage amusement. Although it started off as a foggy, wet day, it couldn't dampen our spirits.  The next one is September 10th in case you missed the Spring session.

It used to be an annual mom and daughter outing until my mother decided she can't take the 4 hour walking stint anymore, so the last couple of years I've been going with my French antique loving friend, Roxane.
Here are some of the things that caught my eye this time - both fabulous and freakish!

I couldn't get enough of all the cool lamps in so many shapes and colours

I love this sleek, Lucite beauty - maybe with a silver or black shade?
 These coloured glass sconces were over $1000 - so nice to look at...just don't touch!

These guys were close to 4 feet tall - Las Vegas lobby in the 50's perhaps?

This bronze statue with a fringe topper is another 4 foot mega-lamp.
I can see this as a floor lamp in a  hallway - maybe painted a high gloss black for extra drama!

These pin-up girl posters were a hit with the military men way back when.

These shellacked ladies just made me laugh!
looks like someone I know...Before and After a few drinks.

There was a great selection of interesting furniture pieces - many of them sold within the first hour of opening.
Early Bird gets the worm for sure when it comes to treasure hunting.

The intricate hand-carved work on these next few pieces is a craft that although not mainstream anymore, can still be appreciated as unique accent pieces today.

And as for my score for the day, just this necklace.  
Green is not typically my go-to colour for jewellery but something about the various shades and shapes of green baubles with a hint of iridescent purple thrown in just made me say "Gotta have it!"

Do you likey?

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