Glam Living Room

Whenever a client asks me what to do with their "designated" living rooms 
I always ask them "what would you like it to be?"

It's often a decent size space at the front of the house with good natural light

It could be an office
it could be a den
it could be a tea room
it could be a lounge

The last one is my favourite and often the direction the client takes

This is absolutely lovely...

A space to serve drinks & apps before a dinner party
or for those that don't entertain formally
it can become a lounge for hanging out with a bevy and some friends
before going out or relaxing at the end of a busy day with a stiff drink!

My clients just bought a newly built custom home
and we are furnishing their front room as a lounge for drinks or tea

We start with this chic boxy tufted loveseat with chrome nailhead trim
in a luxe cream coloured velvet

Then we will add in a couple of stream-lined, sloped arm chairs
in a textured cream chenille fabric
I like to mix up the shape of the seating to create interest, 
the clean lines of the chairs is a nice contrast to the "busyness" of the tufted sofa

A patterned rug in muted blue and cream tones
these two are being debated

A glass coffee table with lucite & chrome legs feels light
in the room but still sculptural
anything that goes on this table looks amazing

For our bar cabinet
a mirrored piece with patterned doors to store bottles and barware
while lovely glassware is displayed on top
A large mirror on top and maybe some sconces

Cap off the space with a contemporary crystal pendant
this one is definitely a statement piece

One wall behind the bar cabinet will have wallpaper
we are considering something like this with a soft grey background
and a metallic pattern

We are looking at various artwork options
we may keep ethereal with muted blues, creams & grays
or bump it up a notch with some deeper indigo and cobalt pops

Drapery fabric is going to be a luxurious silver damask I'm still sourcing

The overall plan looks luxurious and inviting

Drinks anyone?

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