Embellish It!

I was invited to attend a seminar at Designer's Walk this week presented by Reid & Lyons, Canada’s only exclusive decorative trim supplier to the design industry.  Owner Melissa Gorton demonstrated how we can use decorative trim in a wide variety of design applications to create truly unique looks for both traditional and modern settings.  Her ideas stretched us beyond the typical use for drapery and furniture; extending to wall panels, valence boxes, new ways to adorn old furniture, and even bedding with removable trim that can be laundered and replaced.   Here are some samples of what we saw: 

Here's Melissa in front of a lavishly embellished velvet drape that sets the creative tone for the presentation

This chair is covered in faux snakeskin and trimmed with metal chain bling!

This was a sample of a wall decorated in trim using framed panels inset into the wall.  Imagine how chic this would look in a modern setting with matching pillows on the sofa or against a similar pattern on the rug. 

This design board illustrates how custom, complimentary trim was fabricated for a bed skirt to match the trim used on the drapery, which of course matched the wallpaper! 

The possibilities are endless and limited only by your Designer's imagination.

Thanks for the great ideas Melissa!

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