French Modern Bedroom

I"m working on a master bedroom project with a French modern feel.  The inspiration was a beautiful raw silk Bergere chair that the client was already using in another room and wanted to bring into the bedroom to create a reading area.  The walls were painted, new hardwood floors installed, new drapery, dresser, side tables,  fireplace, and accessories were brought in - the only thing original to the room was the lovely iron bed that will be painted a burnished bronze to better compliment the look of the room.  We also provided additional lighting to the room to ensure both ambient and task lighting were optimized. 

This weekend we pulled together a bunch of elements so I couldn't resist giving you a sneak peak.  There are some finishing touches to be made and a chandelier that's due to arrive any day now, so once that's completed I will post the rest of the room.  Here's a before shot:

This photo was taken during the hardwood installation phase.
Fresh mint green walls, builder's light fixtue, and light coloured drapes did not provide
the cozy feeling the client was looking for.

This is the bergere chair that inspired the French Modern mood for the room. 
Lady, the owner's King Charles Cavalier watches on curiously as we move furniture around.

We infused the room with new and antique pieces found on our annual visit
to the Annual Christie Antique Show which I wrote about in May.
I also found some strangely "unique" pieces you can read about here .

What do you think so far?

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  1. I am not a huge fan of french pieces, so I don't really like the chair - however that windowpane mirror is to die for!


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