Weekend Antiquing

We had a beautiful day this Saturday as we walked up and down the aisles at the Christie Antique Show enjoying all kinds of treasures and some crazy relics from the past.  Here are some of my favourites:

All kinds of accessories and accent pieces at this booth as soon as we walked in. 

Nice detail carved into this piece, slightly weathered but still elegant.

I loved the aquamarine colour and the fun swirls - picture it with your favourite bistro chairs

Imagine these Opera seats covered in fun fabric like the one shown and maybe painted white. 
They would be nice in a hallway or even outdoors.

Architectural piece (turned sideways) would look great over a mantel or little girl's bed.  The owner of this booth caught us taking the picture and told us it wasn't for sale because they decided to keep it.  Well then don't be leaving it on display, lady!

Oh Canada!  Every Canadian cottage needs a canoe table, right?  There were canoe shelves, canoe planters and canoe shaped accessories of all kinds.  Wish you had one too, eh?

My friend picked up two cute bedside tables and a unique set of vintage, mirrored wall sconces. 
I will post the pictures as soon as I have them along with a few of my "what's up with these?" shots.

I'm now even more inspired to keep looking for outdoor antique and vintage markets over the summer.  How about you?  Do you go to summer antique markets in your town? 

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