Treasure Hunting

I wandered over to 1st dibs this weekend and picked out a few new items for my next little project (ha, I wish!).  This site feels like the castoffs of the rich and famous but it's just beatiful stuff and where many of the top designers go for unique pieces.

1940's studded, pink armchair

1970's Italian lamp by Vetreria Vitosi $3,102

1960's console

19th century chandelier $19,775

Here's where the "unique" part comes in... 1980's Octopus coffee table by Henri Fernandez $9,588

And what to do with your old radiators? Turn them into a chair of course, only $2,538. Now that's creative recycling, but I think it needs a really, really thick cushion!  Don't you? Actually, I would put it outside in the garden for friends to find.

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