Interior Design at the Movies

I've been a Sex and the City follower for many years and totally identify with the ladies who are in the same age bracket as I am.  Always watching for new fashion trends and the wonders of "how much do these women make" that they can have all those shoes??

Well these days, as much as I LOVE to see what everyone is wearing, its the interiors that I'm paying extra attention to.  These rooms are absolutely faaaabuuulous!!

I love the stand up books on the coffee table - bet we'll be seeing more of this in the shelter magazines in coming months

Dining Room looking into the hallway - beautiful lighting and wallpaper

The wallpaper, the lights, the mirror - love it all!

Isn't this office sooo Samantha? 
Sleek and white with great view of Times Square.

Carrie's closet - Before and After!
Love that it has dark and light wood for a truly his and hers look.

Can't get enough!  I know I'll be getting this movie when it comes out on DVD so I can pause on all the great interior scenes and lust after the gorgeous pieces.

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