Holey Chair

I saw this chair on 3 rings and thought what a cool idea for a dark hallway or a club feeling for a lounge.  It was designed by Takeshi Miyakawa for Voos Furniture and is a piece of art to be displayed rather than sat upon.  It's made of translucent acrylic and lit by interior LEDs, with a 120V power supply.  This would look so good in our basement rec room...once we finally get around to finishing it!

I'm using LED strip lights for one of my client's living room makeover.  We are going to add them to the ceiling behind a bulkhead that curves into the room.  It will highlight the bar area and turn the space into a cool lounge for evening cocktails and conversation.  The question is what colour will we choose - red hot, cool blue, or soft white on dimmers?  I will post the pictures when the room is ready.

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