Sheer Joy

I'm working with a client that has asked me to give her some new sheers for a beautiful bow window in her living room.  At first, I was doubtful of finding a chic solution when remembering the old, cheap looking sheers of the 70's in my Aunt's dining room (name being witheld for fear of inheriting them!).  But, as I searched my resources I found some beautiful options that will give the room the chic and elegant look for evening cocktails by candelight.  Here are some of my inspiration pictures:

This room is spectacular!  Love the contrast of black and white throughout especially against the incredible detailing in the plaster crown.  The modern light fixtures are pure drama set in a collage above the room. 

The gorgeous wallpaper adds to the glamour of this room while the sheers bring in softness against the solid marble floors and wood beamed ceilings.  Furnishings are simple and clean lined while the surrounding surfaces and fixtures provide texture to the room...and drama!

 Sheer fabric on a light fixture diffuses the light and offers a romantic glow

The stunning architecture of this curved window space is the focal point of this room while the sheers act as a subtle backdrop allowing the light to flood the space with warmth and elegance.

My client loves to entertain and uses her space mainly in the evening for before and after dinner drinks.  I can't wait to post the pictures when the room is done, it's going to be their own private lounge.

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