Small Space Love

This month's issue of House and Home featured some amazing small spaces and how great design transcends square footage short falls.  I have always found that the smaller the room, the more creative you are forced to be in order to max out the functional capacity of the room.  I absolutely fell in love with the beachy glamorous 828 sq. ft. condo in Vancouver owned by Leah Balderson, co-owner of Peridot a home decor store with designer Tamara Wouters.

How gorgeous is that artwork hanging on the back wall?  I'm not normally a fan of light wood floors, but these bleached hardwood floors are the perfect backdrop for the oyster palette chosen by Leah along with the complimentary fireplace surround, vintage chair and accessories.

White faux fur, ornate bed and mirror, gold Moroccan light fixture, and pillows made of sari fabric give the room a luxurious and glamorous feeling.  It seems like your moving through a dream with all the soft whites, creams, glass and sprinkles of sparkle.  I'm  thinking that no man was asked for permission to have such an ornate bed or "disco ball" glitter bust on the night stand.  I love it!! 

By the way, many of the items came from her store if you're ever home shopping in Vancouver.

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