Adventures in Lighting

I've been scouring the lighting shops and showrooms lately to source chandeliers for a couple of design projects and have developed a new love of lighting.  There is just so much out there running the gamut from artistic yet functional to outrageous and even bizarre.  Some of these fixtures would surely be the star of any room, or in some cases, a surefire conversation piece!  Here are some highlights from this week's ventures:

Jelly in a Bubble lamps are made of mouth blown glass and filled with
various glass and silicone "jellyfish" lit by LEDs designed by Lone Stidsen


The 5 foot long Cirrus chandelier has a bronze finish and 12 candelabra lights
It is hand sculpted by Jessica Bodner of San Francisco

Art deco Theatre Chandelier via 1st Dibs

Floating Branch via Bloominglites

Cut Crystal - can you say BLING?!

For the Boudoir - when he's a good boy!
Tramp Lamp made from vintage lingerie by Kelly Butler

BUT when he's a bad boy...if the light's ON, he'll get the message!

For the inventor's garage perhaps?
from Bulbs Unlimited via ektopia

For your teenage son's room - a creepy caterpillar light
The formiga light via nerdapproved

So there you have it...the extremely diverse range of lighting options that are out there.  I had to leave the most bizarre till the end.  And, if you think this creepy light is actually interesting (you might be a bit me!) you should definitely check out the nerdapproved site for more crazy gadgets... but that's an entirely different post!

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