What I Know For Sure...A Designer's Journey

To use the famous words of Oprah, this month I hit the one year mark of having my own business and it made me ponder what I've learned about the journey and myself...these are some of the things I know for sure.

For starters, I know for sure it's damn hard work to run your own business!

Talk about wearing a ton of different hats: Interior Designer, sales rep, marketer, financial analyst, strategic planner, shopper/buyer, project manager, artist, writer, customer service agent, social media department, relationship manager, marriage counselor/mediator, therapist, showroom hostess, oh...and along the way fit in some time for wife and mother!

I know for sure that each day greets me with new challenges, opportunities, curiosities, discoveries, as well as new frustrations, angst, and a constant clock, ticking away that never seems to be on my side.

I know for sure that on any one of these days I can decide to step away from the computer and just go for a walk when the sun is shining or have an afternoon latte while perusing my latest shelter magazine in peace and no one tells me to get back to work (except that little voice inside my head, of course!).

I know for sure that at some point even in a well-planned day and despite my best intentions, there will be days that I will get distracted while sourcing fabric or furniture and fall into the blog-o-sphere filled with pretty.

I know for sure that I love to shop, and I'm a kid in a candy store at some of my favourite showrooms, but to find a great deal on a unique piece of furniture, original art or amazing accessories, now that's a real treasure.

I know for sure that I will never sell a product or service to a client that isn't the right thing for them and that they are not completely happy about.   I don't ever want them to have any regrets and I want only for them to feel joy when they come home to their beautiful space.

I know for sure that as much as I like to work independently I do miss having colleagues and (especially) staff.  However, I'm fortunate to have built a wonderful support network of business associates, industry partners, mentors and amazing friends I can contact at any time who give me honest opinions and the kick in the pants I need when I'm overwhelmed.

I know for sure that until I see the client's eyes light up and sometimes shed a tear of joy - that I am not satisfied with the results.

I know for sure that the Corporate world seems a million miles away from my lovely, well decorated home office and yet the skills acquired during the years I logged there benefit me today.

I know for sure that I have the ability to bring joy to other's through my work and yet I will still have those days when I question "Am I good enough?".  I've heard this is a common flaw in the creative field.

I guess that's what forces me to dig deep for inspiration, reach out for encouragement, search horizons I've never journeyed to, and forces me to remember why I started this in the first place... I love to create beautiful spaces that make people feel good to be in.

I know for sure that life is a journey and that if you don't try to fill it with the things you love to do, it will pass you by too quickly and you'll look back with a bunch of  "what ifs?".  I don't know for sure what the next year will bring, but whatever comes my way will help me continue to learn what I'm capable of and will be a direction I set for myself.  Right now it's okay to NOT know for sure about the next leg of my journey but I do know I have lots more to discover about ME!


  1. Yay Ana! 1 year! So glad to have been a part of it! I know for sure I love my space - as I sit here on a "sick kid" day I am comforted by the organized, coordinated and lovely space that is my main floor. Best of all I know all her toys that are currently spread throughout the living area are easily put away in our very fashionable storage bench.
    You go girl.

  2. Thanks Alice - that's the kind of joy I want to be able to keep on spreading! xo Ana

  3. Ana, congratulations and what a beautiful post!! We are definitely on similar paths and therefore we must continue to support each other in our design endeavours!!!
    So glad we met....I'm so happy to not only have you as a design colleague but as a true girlfriend!! luv you!! xo


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