Blue Moods

I've always liked the colour blue because it reminds me of the soothing feeling of the ocean and summer skies.  So when I designed my office/studio I decided a blue and cream palette would be the perfect hues to give me the calming atmosphere I wanted when working.  This was my inspiration: a large canvas that hangs above my drawing table.  I love seeing it every day I walk in there and that's a feeling you definitely want for a work space!

But it wasn't until recently, while working with a client who wanted to create an elegant yet casual space, that I fell in love with blue and the sheer breadth of shades that can inspire all kinds of moods in a space.  

We wanted to create a palette that could work for the entire main floor - kitchen, family room, living & dining rooms.  The jumping off point would be the kitchen's dark wood cabinetry with white counter tops and grey wood flooring throughout - I wrote about it here.

When I started putting together the inspiration boards these were some of the images that evoked an immediate emotional response and I wanted to explore further with my client


Sharon & Ozzy Osborne's Home
designed by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

Todd Alexander Romano

Tobi Fairley 
Even the simplest aqua tiles with minimalist fixtures and glass shower doors make it feel like this bathroom is submersed in water.  (However, I would have lightened up the floors for a more "sandy" feel).

So, if I haven't quite made my point about creating a mood with blue, check out how this ATM in Iran actually draws you in, almost inviting you to take some cash!  
How stylish is that?

Maybe they were inspired by one of these natural beauties?

So what kind of blue mood do you prefer?

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