Happy New Year!

The start of the new school year always feels like the re-start of the year for me.  Back to routine, back to more structured days and in the design world, the start of the big push to get things done for the holidays!

This summer was busy with work (thankfully) and at the same time trying to keep my son entertained for part of the summer that he wasn't at camp.  He was forced to accompany me to furniture showrooms, tile stores, and a kitchen and bath demo - which he thought was cool.  He's now actually considering a career in Architecture and likes the idea of one day having a family business!
Of course, this got me thinking...we would definitely need larger office space, maybe something like this

However, my sweet boy is only 10 - let's see how long this dream lasts...for me!

I've also branched out into new projects and styles that I haven't done before, which is always exciting as well as a challenge but, I'm lucky enough to be working with some fabulous clients that enjoy the process and are willing to take the journey down winding paths of design discovery.

A busy bachelor in Bloor West wanted a spa getaway bathroom.
Given the dated fixtures, poor lighting, non-existent insulation and an unpractical layout we gutted the entire space then stole some square footage from a small linen closet in the hallway -  it started off as this

We chose a warm palette of walnut cabinetry,  ivory travertine floors and two-tone, chocolate & cream marble accent tiles .  The whole space was opened up and lightened up, making a big difference in the look and feel of the space.  More details and final reveal coming soon!

Another project just starting is an eclectic living & dining room for an antiques and vintage furniture collector who has some treasured pieces, purchased while living in Asia & Europe, that we'll incorporate into the new space.  It's always helpful to have beautiful inspiration pieces to build around, but the trick is getting the mix of old and new, shiny and worn, bold and background pieces just right.

I'm also working with a client that recently moved to a new home with her husband and two young children.  The house has unique architectural features, soaring windows and lots of light.  But with an awkward layout without dividing walls and a poorly placed corner fireplace, its been an intriguing creative challenge to design an elegant yet casual  living space adjacent to a dining space that must accommodate 8-10 people for frequent entertaining.

The living room is a nice size but just lacks some pizazz.  This space has the potential to be spectacular with the right designer touches!

More to come on these and other projects.

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