Meeting Larry Laslo

I've wanted to be an Interior Designer for most of my adult life and followed the careers of many designers over the years, some local, some Canadian and many international stars just due to their fabulosity.  
Well this week I had the pleasure of meeting one of our industry's finest - Larry Laslo.

He told us he was leaving for his Palm Beach home right after the show

While attending a trade event this week, we heard the Robert Allen had brought up Laslo as a guest speaker.  I was lucky enough to have a few moments with Mr. Laslo as he strolled the trade show floor before his speech and stopped so graciously to chat with my friend and I.  With a tap on the shoulder and a huge smile he asked us if we were having a good time.  We said that we were and asked the same of him to which he replied "I always have a good time!".  During the quick conversation I asked if he ever gets bored or tired of it all and he said "Never - I love what I do" and he slipped away saying "it was so lovely to meet you ladies".

Me and Christine with the star of the show! 

Before he got up on the stage to give his presentation, the MC reading the very impressive and lengthy introduction turned to Laslo and said "Maybe it would be easier if we only mentioned magazines you haven't been in" to which the Designer replied "Popular Mechanics!".  I knew we were in for a treat right there.

During the presentation he took us through a myriad of homes, commercial spaces, fabrics and furnishings of his designs.  Some of the nuggets that stayed with me are below.

Neutrals are not boring they are about the earth!  Bad colour is so much worse!

Put fabric on walls, it gives the room dimension, interest and warmth.

Use big leaves instead of flowers for a modern floral arrangement.  
Spray them with "flower shine" and they'll last one month in water.

Despite the empire he has built, he only has three full time staff and a modest (yet gorgeously decorated) office.  He prefers to outsource to prestigious suppliers and partners to keep things simple

Use patterned sheer fabric OVER taffeta on double rods for a glamorous and elegant effect with drapery

Lastly, he said a few times that with design its not about the rules, but instead about "conviction"!  You have to believe in your vision and be confident to sell it to the client otherwise why do they need you?

I have to say it was very inspirational for me to meet and listen to the wise words of such an esteemed designer who has been on the Top Designer List of the best shelter magazines for years.

Fabrics for Robert Allen

If you would like to read more about him, here is a great article from 1st dibs.

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