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Anyone that knows me knows that I'm a magazine junkie and that diving into the latest decor mag with a cup of "something-good" while propping up my feet in my favourite over-sized reading chair is my definition of quality "me" time.  Of course, my first choice is to be at a spa in the Caribbean...but I digress!

My magazines often come to me online and via email nuggets like the weekly 1st Dibs Saturday Shopping and Sale.  The "Sale" part makes me laugh every time because you have to have some pretty deep pockets to shop here and I don't know that people who own these treasures actually shop online... 
I guess their Interior Designers do...but again, I digress.

So, I decided to visit 1st Dibs to do my Saturday shopping last weekend and here's what I bought
(in my fantasy world of buying for looks and not looking at price tags - oh, life would be good!).

Chinese Ming clothes cupboards circa 1640 - $125,000

Paola Buffa settee 1940's Italy - $5,800

Bookend tables original design from the 1950's
Sciolari brass chandelier 1970's Italy - $4,500

Sears Peyton

1990's Alaia tunic dress

Ivory and gold cuff 

Judith Leiber teal python clutch - $360

Fendi $1,350 - not on 1st Dibs
but these beauties wood be fabulous with the Alaia dress, non?

Aylin Aker

And since I'm in my own little fantasy... I want to be this glamorous woman

"Suzy Parker en Givenchy" Photo by Georges Dambier 1954

A girl can dream...can't she?

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