Art Inspired Design

Playful, powerful, delightful, colourful
energy, strength, whimsy, joy

However you define this painting - it's impactful
and I have to design a space around it!

Midnight Moon Promenade by  Helene Caron from Beauchamp Gallerie

My new client has a passion for original art.    

Her tastes are quite varied, including several pieces that are East Coast inspired, 
echoing back to her Nova Scotian roots.
There is also a huge black & white painting of Marilyn Monroe's face 
with blood-red lipstick and diamond earrings!

arts quotes |

I'm going to definitely let the art be the COLOUR in the space and cover the large upholstered pieces in neutral shades of gray: stone, oyster, mushroom and cream with hits of turquoise (my client's favourite colour) and some silver metallics to add dimension. 

I always tell clients to work around the main feature or focal point in a room, like a fireplace for example, or if there isn't a focal point, large scale art can certainly fill the role.

With a large statement piece like the one above, it's important to consider balance and proportion in the room.  If this piece is hanging over a tiny sofa, it will feel off-balance.   In fact, this particular work is 60"Hx40"W so it would actually come down behind the sofa because we have eight foot ceilings to work with.  So, I'm suggesting it gets placed on the largest wall in the room between the living and dining room spaces.  That way it can hang at the appropriate height for optimal viewing and be enjoyed from both spaces. 

Art #quote

Given my client's collection, I'll be grouping some of the work to create a gallery wall in her living room and in other parts of the home.   I love the idea of filling an entire wall with various images you love - they really tell a story about the homeowner.

eclectic gallery wall.

Clearly, in this image below, the modern art is the star of the show in this very neutral, otherwise traditional space. However, note all the luxurious textures on the upholstery and rug that hold their weight against the art.  I love the idea of mixing a bold, contemporary art piece in a room with classic furnishing.

grey with a blast of fuschia - so good!

Sometimes, a piece of art informs the entire colour scheme of a room - as shown below.  
In this room, the feeling is very subdued and relaxing because the muted shades of forest green, silver and cream are all working together to create a serene atmosphere. 

Beautiful colour palette & art & windows

The hallway is a fantastic place to showcase art and special treasures 
because there is often little architectural interest in these spaces and it can make such an impact.  
Like this piece - just striking, against all white furnishings.

entryway, foyer, hallway

The pink walls in this space really let the black and white over-sized sketch stand out 
despite not being framed or mounted.  I love the casual effect of the art being Pinned to the wall.  
Feels like someone just finished working on it and hung it up (a little crooked).

Mid-Century Pink

This next room below is just ALL OUT GLAM!!
Everything is equally stunning and the intensity of colours works together because they are all very rich.  
As is the brass and glass lighting.

lovely colors and textures

Well, I could certainly spend a few more hours looking at gorgeous rooms inspired by art.


Next step is to work on the floor plan so that the art is placed to enjoy, 
while the furniture is placed to accommodate the client's love of entertaining.

This is going to be a very creatively inspiring project.

All images on my Pinterest boards Art & Interiors

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