Fabulous Finds

I love to pop into my favourite antique shops whenever I have a chance.  
A couple of weeks ago while between client meetings I found these little goodies:

I loved this wrought iron chair in antique brass - the back is gorgeous and the patina really gives it character. I was thinking to put a cushion on the seat and use it in my client's bathroom at the make-up vanity.

I found this Chinoiserie fabric at one of the many little fabric shops I like to visit.  Sometimes there's nothing and sometimes I strike gold... or silver in this case.  
I'm thinking this fabric will be framed and placed on a wall. 


This Chinoiserie dragon fabric is stunning.  Although I'm not generally a big fan of yellow, in this pattern it really works.  Again, this may get framed for a client - or it may have to stay in my office!

Staying on the Chinoiserie theme (and it's crazy that I found all of these on the same day!), 
these lamps were a steal at $32 for the PAIR!!  
They'll get a little fresh touch up gold paint on the base and a black lamp shade and then they will be looking for a fabulous place shine. 

Right now they're in my front hallway and I smile every time I walk by them... 
am I getting attached again??

I can't resist animal prints (as you've seen in recent post) so when I finally found the right zebra print in the right fabric at the right price, I snagged the last 3 yards of it!  

Then I found this adorable jungle-scene fabric with monkeys and birds and antelopes, oh my! 

 I put it together with a few fabrics I had left over from other projects, 
and voila... an amazing fabric scheme for a child's room!  

Anyone have a child's bedroom that needs a makeover? 

Give me a call, I may let you have this fabric...maybe.


  1. That chair is SUCH a find - what a lucky client! I think it's perfect for a vanity but would work in so many spaces. I just bought similar dragon fabric (but in red) in Hong Kong and it's waiting to find the perfect home...it's a great pattern and this is the year of the dragon so it must be good luck to use it. :)

    1. Barbara:

      Thanks for the note and the heads up - I didn't remember it was year of the dragon. Now I'll be getting that fabric up even sooner :)


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