Stay True to You!

"one of the great challenges of a creative life is to stay true to yourself, while keeping your antennae up, to remain relevant and aware of change without blindly following needs" 
 Amanda Nisbet, Interior Designer

In last month's Lonny magazine there was a great feature story on Nisbet's design philosophy and she talked about the legendary Designer Bunny Williams' ability to evolve while remaining absolutely true to herself.

This story really got me thinking about how as Designers we can truly lose a part of ourselves while trying to translate the client's needs and wants into a beautiful vision that is uniquely theirs - yet influenced by ours.  

Although many designers develop a certain look or style they become known for, others like Williams, consistently express themselves within the client's space and bring their unique ideas and creative vision based on things they love, while knowing how it will work in a specific space.

Here are some of the things I love now. 

The images selected are my current interpretations of things that make my happy; make me think, or just grab my attention somehow.
I'm certain that my attraction to these things influences my design sensibility and if I'm true to who I am, parts of myself will manifest into my client's space as well.

Here it goes...

I love animal prints
Leopard, zebra, tiger...oh my!  The fastest way to add raw energy to any outfit or room 



I love extravagant light fixtures 
and their ability to dazzle even a dull roomAutumn Twilight - organic branches in mystic gold finish with cascading crystals to form a forest canopy!  Stunning! 

Swank Rock Candy Lamps 

Mid-19th Century Louis XIV Style Chandelier 

Mid-19th Century Louis XIV style chandelier via 1st Dibs ($19K, if your interested!)

I love clouds
cirrus clouds 

Started in grade seven when I first learned about wispy cirrus, puffy cumulus and stratus forms (can't believe I just remembered all those names).  But I love to look for images in the clouds with my son, especially when he was young and dinosaurs roamed the skies (I'm vaklempt!)

I love beautiful displays
Etageres filled with memories, bookshelves stacked with stories of far away lands, 
fabulous store windows or inviting consoles in a hallway...
they all make me stop and smile to take it all in and enjoy the art of decor

 Stunning gold etagere

black and gold 

Lamps, lamps, lamps 

I love nature photography

Blue Caves - Zakynthos Island, Greece 

Water to Water 

Etsy Art by dilzphotography 

I love daschunds
the smaller the better, maybe it's their vulnerability or those eyes?

too cute!! 
 puppy luv! 

I love high heels
although I don't wear them as much anymore, they always make me fee sexy
and the extra height makes me feel powerful and in control
Roberto Cavalli shoes 


I dreamed about Paris most of my life, and after visiting a few years ago, I love it even more.
I'll be back someday for pain au chocolat and pink champagne (maybe together...hmm?)

inspiration tower 

pain au chocolat and poodle 

I could go on... but part of being true to yourself 
is knowing when to listen to your inside voice saying...that's enough!

Au Revoir

all images via Pinterest

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