DIY and Thrift Shop Upcycling

I have been a volunteer member for the Marketing Committee of Habitat for Humanity Halton for a few months now and after my last meeting wandered into the Burlington ReStore for a look at how the expansion plans were coming along.  While I was there the DIY bug hit me and I decided I should look for some paint for a chair I've been meaning to spruce up and a shelf that needed some attention.

I found a small $4 can of soft blue paint that is the main accent colour in my office inspired by this picture that hangs over my drafting table.  It's over 4 feet wide and almost feels like I'm looking out a window, near the ocean, soft breeze blowing hmm, but I digress!

The cherry stained wood chair was in great condition but needed new fabric and a paint job to revive it from the basement corner and back to the life of the living. 

So I took it apart, gave it a good cleaning and sanded down the glossy finish.  Then I picked out some fabric from my archives that I found at my favourite fabric outlet for $2 per yard (yes $2 not $20!!) and recovered the seat with some new foam and batting.

Et Voila!

I love the energy of the colour palette in this fabric and the zig-zags
remind me of the waves in my artwork.

Next the shelf, a thrift store find for $15. 
Again some cleaning and sanding, the top was quite roughed up.

Nothing a few coats of pretty paint couldn't fix.

Now I have another place for fabric samples, furniture catalogues, wallpaper, and paint decks. 
And, more surface for the never ending library of design books and magazines.

I found the Foo dog at Homesense and the nude artwork at Artsource - each for $5.

You should definitely give Habitat ReStore a look-see if you are doing renovations or projects around the house.   They have a great kitchen section, tons of doors and windows, bathroom fixtures and lighting, paint, and more.  There are lots of treasures to be had if you are a DIY type and great deals too!

Happy Treasure Hunting!


  1. Great article, really inspires me to re-examine my hand-me-down wall unit and some dated picture frames that I can jazz up with some fresh paint and cool pillows.

    Thanks for reminding me that chic doesnt have to come at a cost!

  2. Ana, fantastic job...I love the colour of the chair and very fresh for spring!! I definitely need to visit the REstore in Burlington!

  3. I love the bamboo shelf! And the color is fabulous!


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