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I love how the first warmer days of Spring lift my spirits and renewed sense of hope for the future.  I look forward to seeing the first blossoms on my lilac shrubs and ivory silk tree we planted when my son was born.  I treasure our little outdoor garden for its beauty and the small pleasures it provides as the colours change through the season.  I love sitting out there with a morning coffee listening to the birds, watching squirrels scurry across the fence tops, and butterflies landing on the peonies...peaceful, tranquil yet invigorating!

my backyard garden

This is the feeling I hope to bring to the women of George Herman House, in Toronto, a supportive home for women with mental and emotional health issues.  I've just joined forces with a wonderful group of bloggers to help a great cause and show our support for this organization by giving them a much needed outdoor sanctuary.

A beautiful outdoor environment is nurturing for the soul and very uplifting.  It can be a place to escape and dream as well as somewhere to enjoy our short summer season amidst friends and loved ones over a lemonade, laughter and great stories.

This is the space they have now

Here are some inspiration shots of outdoor spaces that I love and hope we can bring in some of these elements to the space.

images via HGTV, veranda,  housetohomeUK

Whenever I feel like things are not as I would like them to be, I stop myself and remember how lucky I am to have a healthy child, a loving family, amazing friends and more shoes & chocolate than a girl really needs!  It is so important with our busy lives today that we stop sometimes and just be grateful for all we have and to show our gratitude by paying it forward.

GHH helps women develop the skills they need to live independently with confidence and dignity.  If you can help in any way, please click here to for more details.  Thank you for your support and for providing hope in the garden for the women of Geoge Herman House.

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  1. LOVE your hydrangeas and delphiniums!

    This is such a great project you're all working on. I was recently involved in a similar project here in Ottawa, and it was so fulfilling to see the reactions to the space we designed :-)

    Your inspiration pictures are beautiful - I'm sure you and the team will create something just as beautiful :-)


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