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I'm about to start work on a new kitchen project and while researching for lighting options and looking through my archives I realized how much I dislike seeing the traditional recessed lights that provide the necessary but completely unappealing overhead lighting around the perimeter of the counter surfaces.

I then ran into some gorgeous... 

Diamond Baratta
These vintage fixtures are a stunning contrast to the slick granite counters sitting on the traditionally carved wooden legs of the island.  And, as long as you're looking up... how about these ceilings?  Wow! 

via Decorati
I love the unabashed luxe of this chandelier as it reflects off a stunning silver textured ceiling.  What really made me do a second take was how intriguing it was to use sconces along the top perimeter walls instead of recessed lighting in the ceiling.   Of course, with the intricate treatment on the ceiling you wouldn't want to interrupt it with spots of pots!

via Dabble Design by Erinn Valencich  Photo by Adrian Anz
For a modern kitchen like this one, I like that the fixtures are so sleek and simple.  There are actually a few recessed lights, but the white on white blends seamlessly into the ceiling and the drop pendants really draw your eyes down and away from the ceiling.  How about this curved island?  What a nice way to soften the otherwise clean lines of the space.  I like the glitter of the back splash too!

Tommy Smythe
The mix of rustic and modern elements in this black & white kitchen by Tommy Smythe is classic but the massive wrought iron lantern truly takes center stage almost dwarfing the farmhouse table.
Does the back splash tile look familiar? (see Decorati photo 2 shots above)

Amy Lau
The kitchen cabinetry plays a supporting role here as the backdrop for the multi-coloured showstopper of a chandelier and the clean lines of the mid-century modern dining table and chairs.  Exquisite as expected from designer Amy Lau.

This little display goes to show that you don't always have to stick to the rules when it comes to lighting.
Express your personal style and look for alternatives to recessed lighting - you may just end up with a piece of art hanging from above and create a one of a kind kitchen you'll love to come home to.

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