Fun Colour Scheme: Living Room

As much as I love neutrals when decorating a space, like taupe and grey, I still think that every room needs some hits of colour to bring it to life.  Even with the most muted colour schemes its the accents of colour that make a statement whether through art, accessories, accent pieces, or even flowers.

Lately I've been enamoured with the combination of grey as a supporting colour with the drama of fuchsia and purple.  Here's a fun colour scheme for a casual and stylish living room.

Sofa fabric: Robert Allen Canasta;  chairs: Schumacher Tangier; wallpaper: Cole & Son, pillows: Designer Fabrics; rug: Hellenic, shades: Tonic Living Windswept

Although there are several patterns in this space, the "weight" of the patterns is equal and the neutral fabric on the sofa, which is the largest piece in the room, helps balance them.  I love the drama that a graphic wallpaper brings to a room and this one is soft yet makes a statement.

Painting out the back of a bookshelf is another great way to bring in hits of colour, which I also featured here.   I generally like to have the accent colour splashed around the space in about 30% of the room or in 3-4 different places so that it relates to something else in the room. I know it seems technical, but the formula works to make the space feel pulled together.

What do you think?
Would you be daring enough to mix up this much colour and pattern in your living room?

1 comment:

  1. Sarah @lovelaughshopApril 3, 2011 at 9:58 PM

    I wish I could say I could be so bold....but I am such a pastel girl. LOVE the colours though and the wallpaper is so pretty.


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