Gray Matter

I've been working with a client in a modern space and have been spending a lot of time sourcing items for the black, white and gray colour scheme.  Gray has become my new black!  I've been loving everything I'm seeing in textiles, wallpaper, metallics, floors....

Gray is like a chameleon blending in with its surroundings while creating a calming backdrop for almost any colour to thrive.  It can be modern or traditional.

Monique LHulier via Decorpad, Joe Schmezler photography

Candice Olson wallpaper

Gray can add a sense of patina a historic quality associated with nobility and elegance.

Gray can be organic .... allowing the natural essence of wood to take center stage.

Textures come alive in gray hues, velvet is inviting, silk is brilliant, wool is enveloping.

Cole and Son Classix

Cole and Son Contemporary II

Schumacher Go Baroque

Gray metallics are today's most popular finish for hardware in both modern and traditional spaces.
Gray tiles make a white/gray bathroom look heavenly spa-like

Traditional Home

Traditional Home
  Gray has overcome austere and ambiguous conotations to become a star in the design world,
I'm happy to have it in my creative repertoire.

via 1st Dibs Wedgewood black basalt covered urns

Artwork via 1st Dibs
by Lillian Bassam 1917, Anne Saint-Marie New York

Now, all I need is a gray cashmere sweater-dress!

Alexander Wang via The Sartorialist

and maybe these Pedro Garcia beauties!

What's your favourite Gray?


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