Chic & Worthy - Holiday Gift Ideas

I was invited to Faulhaber PR's Client Happenings - Holiday 2012 event last week to preview some of their clients latest product lines for consideration on our Holiday gift lists this year.  It was a fun tour including great fashions, jewelery, accessories, beauty products and furniture pieces.  

These were some of my favourite items:

Ted Baker's entrance to Canada via Yorkdale Mall this fall means we have some stunning new fashions and accessories to tempt us this season.  I totally went mad for their Ipad cases and beautifully tailored dresses.

1.  Bolty asymmetrical dress
2.  Glitz cluster bead bracelet
3.  Lilsy patent ipad case (picture doesn't do it justice)
4.  Men's Toteman leather tablet case
5.  Prunela bow Ipad case (comes in black with pink bow too!)

And staying in the "all about me" category:

I loved the very chic Thomas Sabo collection of sterling silver jewelry - but especially the charm bracelets and the ability to completely customize them with a huge selection of charm pendants.  

I have this Obsidian black bracelet and I've added these 4 charms from the "Charms and The City" collection to my holiday wish list.  Even the black & white striped packaging is chic!!

Cause Worthy
Just so you don't think I'm only about the bling, every year I make a point of selecting a charity that gets some of my holiday wallet.  I often purchase multiple items from one source that I give as gifts to clients or friends, which in turn makes them feel good about receiving a worthy gift instead of another little trinket that sits in a drawer.

When I heard about this organization called FITE (Financial Independence Through Entrepreneurship), championed by well known skin care brand Dermalogica, it really struck a cord for me because I am also a female entrepreneur and I know how hard it is to run and grow a business.  

You have to visit to read about how a small contribution can make a huge difference in empowering women entrepreneurs around the world so they can start or grow a business.

This bracelet is made by talented artisans in Ethiopia of old bullet casings as a wearable sign of hope.  
I think this is a great gift for anyone as a reminder of how lucky we are to live in a great country and to appreciate what we have.  It's even cool enough that my 11 year old son wanted to wear it!

Thank you again to the lovely ladies at Faulhaber for taking the time to introduce us to some great brands and letting us have a little cookies and cocktails in the middle of the day 
- never a bad thing!

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