One door closes...

Another one opens.

My first post has to be about what inspired me to go down this journey of starting a new business when I had a great career in Marketing that I could have continued to pursue. I "left the building" thinking that I'm only half way through my life and there's gotta be more! Within minutes, I knew it was now or never to take the plunge and I needed to follow my passion.

So here I am. With renewed energy, a sense of unlimited possibilities, anxious and overwhelmed, but loving every minute of the freedom to be me and all the ups and downs I'm going to fully embrace as I embark on a new life.

My first task: to create a great space to work in. My design studio was inspired by my love of the beach. The colours chosen to reflect the sky and sand, the light fixture in capiz shells, the chair in one of my favourite animal prints. I always wanted a glass topped desk and a Lucite chair, so now I have them.

I will show you more over the next few posts and share my inspiration as I peruse the design blogs, visit showrooms, attend events, travel and see beautiful things that keep me excited about my new life as an Interior Designer.

Ciao for now,


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