Monolo Style

We all know of Monolo Blahnik for his incredibly beautiful shoes once described as "better than sex" by Madonna, but the design of his recent store in Dubai is as equally impressive.  Imagine the excitement of taking your platinum card to a store like this:


Sculpture entwined in a web of dreams!

When I hit the jackpot I'll be looking for these babies

If you are ready to shop, you can get your Manolo fix at Browns or Holt Renfrew (Canada)

If you aren't quite ready to put your rent towards your shoes, you can enjoy the gorgeous drawings in this book I found at Chapters the other day.  It has over 200 drawings of the most fabulous shoes designed by Mr. Blahnik over the years with lots of great quotes from celebrity fans, including stylish devotee SJP, fashion magazine editors and industry insiders - only $20!  Enjoy.

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