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I went to the annual Canadian Gift & Tableware Association (CGTA) trade show this week and it was just fabulous!  Thousands of unique and interesting products were being showcased by hundreds of exhibitors from across the country.  I was able to get in a few pictures with permission from the booth owners before Security caught me and asked me to stop!  How crazy is it that you can't take pics for your blog?

This selection is from  Colibri Art Design  based in Montreal.  The coffee table base and stools
are made from teak but the wood is chosen from under the ground where it doesn't darken
to produce the reddish-orange colour normally seen with teak.  You can really see the actual shape of the roots on the stool second from the right.  The square ottomans are covered in goat hair because they are made in India where cowhide is not allowed to be used.

Teak is used again on these uniquely shaped lamps.  The carved and curved wood is mounted
on a simple square base where the light is directed upwards to create a dazzling shadow 
on the wall and ceiling. Imagine a hallway lined with several of these organic pieces,
how stunning would that be?

Here another large lamp made of a single 6 foot piece of teak and
a more modern looking group of lamps made from capiz shells and bamboo inserts.

The organic styling continues with this oversized vertical lamp made of weaved
wood and stone pieces.  It's all made by hand - true craftsmanship!

These are vanity pedestals made of stone and pebbles, the sink base on
top is made of granite.  One of these would surely be a showstopper in 
any bathroom (hmm...something to consider for my powder room makeover!)

Now you don't have to hang your disco ball from the can sit on any surface
that is lacking some bling!  I do love the contrast of the sparkle against the
hardwood console and smooth white marble bust...and I do mean "bust"!


This had to be my favorite stop of the day!  Camilla House Imports, based in Mississauga
captured my attention even after hours of walking.  Their newest collection created by in house designer/owner features gorgeous works of art by mixing metals and natural materials for
spectacular furnishings that could work in any style room. 

Here we see an oversized square coffee table with a well-worn, barn-board top and huge
polished chrome legs.  On top of the table an ottoman made of pony hide with nail head
details and brushed stainless legs.  The chair is incredibly detailed and hand-sewn from
pieces of leather over a curvacious frame - love, love, and love it some more!!

Here's a closeup of the chair - isn't it sexy??

I'll have more pictures for you in another post.  Let me know what you think.

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