French Chic

I was in Montreal recently visiting family and we stopped into an Indigo for a book my son's been wanting.  I left my son and husband to ponder guy stuff, while I wandered off to the huge magazine section.  I got a little giddy when I saw this on the stands:

I have always had a fascination with all things French - the language, the culture, the fashion, and especially the design aesthetic ... toujours tres chic!!

When I finally had the chance to sit with my new found printed treasure (and a hazelnut latte, of course!), I was not disappointed.

This kitchen was designed by American-born, France-based Interior Designer Bambi Sloan with friend and Stylist Veronique Alise.  Here are some shots of the rest of the apartment. 

The Details Make Me DANCE!!

The architectural etchings on the cabinetry and walls

the 3-D look mosaic floor tiles

the Fornasetti backsplash

the array of silver Moroccan fixtures dazzling the ceiling 

the pop of red on the black laquered bistro chairs

We are so used to crown moulding on the edge of the ceiling...
why not consider something totally unique like this gorgeous antique iron fencing look

"Everyone goes about saying you should try and make others’ lives wonderful. I say stuff that. Make yourself happy, surround yourself with things that make you smile, enjoy your life and as a result everyone will get as much enjoyment as you." Bambi Sloan via

This designer is know for her bold colour choices and eclectic mix of pattern and materials.
This room is stunning with the leopard rug mixed with purple velvet sofa against pale blue walls.
The mix of  light wood, dark iron, antique gold and brilliant crystal makes the space feel both inviting and invigorating at the same time.

Stylist Veronique Alise
How chic does this woman look without even trying?!  
It's the undisputed natural glamour and that ever-present je ne sais quoi that French women 
seem to have as a birthright that I love and it just can't be copied.  
It seems to translate well into French interiors - I'm always looking for more.

A few other jaw-dropping spaces by Bambi Sloan

Hotel du Ministere - Paris (and next 3 photos)

Laying out the flooring in this angle not only adds drama in the space but makes the hallway feel wider.
I love that caramel leather chair juxtaposed against the black and gold sculpture.

On my wish list of gorgeous places to stay ... someday!!

Vive le France!!

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  1. Love it! As a French Culture Enthusiast and a Montrealer myself, you've managed to transport me back to my favorite city in the world and design. Kitchens are my thing, and what a unique one, love the cabinets and etchings but especially the bistro feel, which is my favorite hang out in Paris with a nice Rose and a Salade Nicoise...definitely would love to stay at either one of those hotels! Thanks for making my day!


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