French Modern Bedroom - Part Deux

Earlier this week my friend hosted a girl's night that started with a reveal of her master bedroom that I recently decorated. You can see the before pictures and a sneak peak I wrote about here but the final touches were added just this past week. 

The inspiration for the room started with a French Bergere chair covered in beautiful silk fabric that she already had in another part of the house and wanted to bring into the bedroom to create a cozy reading nook.  The soft curved lines of the bombe chest on the left echo the shape of the chair, while the mirrored jewellery chest and the aged-bronze leaning mirror on the right make this corner sparkle.  And yes, she actually does have enough jewellery to fill all the drawers...she's fabulously French! 

On the sleeping side of the room we added vintage sconces and the perfect little end tables we found at the Christie Antique Show this past Spring, which I wrote about here.  She already had some beautiful art from her travels to Paris, Spain, St. Maarten and Quebec City that we displayed around the room.  We purchased new bedding, pillows and a cozy chocolate velvet settee for the end of the bed to provide an additional place to sit and watch the fire, read or have a sip of fine Port with hubby on a cold evening.

(please excuse the wires)

We added not one but TWO very modern chandeliers with different shapes but identical crystals and selected vintage sconces that would complement her existing petite table top lamps (all on dimmers, of course!)


We created more warmth by adding a new electric fireplace that has old world character.  It was positioned to be seen from the bed, the settee or from the reading nook.  The glass and chrome bar cart was a glamorous touch for the evening nightcaps while snuggling by the fire.  We also added a super-soft custom area rug with an over sized pillow (shown on settee above) in front of the fireplace for extra special evenings... but enough of that, you get the point!

note the spots on the wall are sparkles from the crystal chandelier
that bounce around the room, very pretty!

Nude drawing from a Paris Art Show 2008

My friend was very happy finally getting the bedroom she's always wanted.  I do have to give kudos to her wonderfully handy husband for the awesome job with the painting, electrical, iron bed refinishing and starting off the process by putting down a gorgeous hardwood floor.  Thanks B!

Now they are both spending more time in the space than ever before and enjoying the warm and cozy feeling of being in a bedroom they truly love.  Isn't that what a bedroom should feel like? 


  1. C'est Magnifique! What a beautiful cozy bedroom, it has a "je ne sais quoi" very inviting. I love the chandeliers and especially the sconces in the bed area. I can certainly see how someone would love spending time in this room.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. The client was happy since it took many years to finally get to decorate this room. Come back soon :)

  3. It is a cozy room. The lighting and mirror pieces bring in a nice sparkle.



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