Gratitude...and it's only January

The past couple of weeks have been filled with emotional ups and downs for me.  While I tried to get myself organized to work on business plans for the New Year I had some bad news from a close friend about a family death.  I then received word of another friend getting engaged and another getting a well deserved promotion.  I read wonderful stories of business success from friends in the design industry. Meanwhile, my mother recently fell and broke her shoulder and yet she is more worried about being healthy for my step-dad who’s still recovering from heart surgery last year. 

Every time I went back to my business goals for this year, I kept pausing to think about the emotional roller coaster I’ve been on while sharing the joys and sorrows, the highs and lows, the possibilities and the disappointments of events in the circle around me.  
It just kept leading me to stop and think harder about my own life goals.

So today I stopped…

I stopped to reflect on what it all means to me … and ultimately I feel deeply grateful!

Grateful that I can share in the triumphs, the rewards and the accomplishments of people that have worked hard for what they achieved and give them the pat on the back they deserve.

Grateful that I can be a shoulder to cry on, a voice of reason, or a compassionate outlet for someone who just needs to be listened to and deeply cared about.

Grateful that I am able to have this time in my life to pursue new things;  to have more time to support and revel in my son’s creative journeys;  to fully understand my husband’s corporate musings;  to make the effort to seek out new friends and colleagues while remaining loyal to the old ones I cherish. 

I’m grateful for what I’ve learned in my career about the importance of relationships - the real benefits of networking, the rewards of good organization and presentation skills, the critical abilities to communicate well and to read people’s body language and facial expressions.

I thank Oprah and The Secret for opening my eyes many years ago to the fact that positive energy can do amazing things and that we all have the capacity to manifest it.

I’m grateful for my ability to look around me and truly soak it all in while learning from others who have something to pass on.  Although my need to observe sometimes impedes my need to act – I’m always learning,  and I’m working on more action!

Today’s action is to be grateful for what I have achieved and stop comparing myself to others.  
This is what I keep telling my son and need to tell myself while I continue to make new goals and grow into an even better version of me.

Thank You for stopping by.

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