Going Green

I've never been a fan of the colour green for some reason.  

Although I enjoy the green of the outdoors, having olive skin myself, I've never worn green because I felt it washed me out.  

So when a new client mentioned green was her favourite colour and that she would love to bring it into her new living room, I had to do some digging to get inspired.

So I head off to the interweb to find shades of green that would work alongside the browns and creams going into the adjacent kitchen.

This image nearly jumped off the page at me and made me do a happy dance!  

Yes, it could be done, and I would love it too!

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So elegant, so fluid and natural, and so alive!  
Green literally brings the outdoors in.  

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I love the worn cobblestones and the patina of weathered wood, iron and stone against the bright green.

green     Pinned Image

The olive green with chocolate leather, fur pillows, linen and antique brass are a combination that are both comforting and elegant at the same time.

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How beautiful are these Moroccan tea glasses?

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What about green velvet with grasscloth wallpaper and high gloss black furniture?


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Celerie Kemble

I like how the gold & green make this room so airy - but the black & white art gives it some edge.

 So I started to put together this little inspiration board for my client.  
They insist on the TV over fireplace to save the walls for art - not pretty, but that's life!  
It will be recessed and maybe I can have another piece of art on hinges to hang over it... TBD.

Green onyx surround for the fireplace against chocolate brown walls.
Antique, mirror-front chests on either side of the fireplace.
Burnished gold sconces and central light fixture.
Sexy-back sofa (client's request) with yummy bolster pillows.
Coffee and/or side tables in antique brass with glass or marble tops.
And some fabulous artwork via Etsy.
Drapery will be neutral colour - maybe raw silk.
And I need to find some chairs in a green patterned fabric - but I know it can be done!

I now love the goodness of green 
and all the gorgeous possibilities!

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  1. Ooo, I love green so I am really enjoying this post.

    I wanted to say hello because we didn't get a chance to meet at BlogPodium. Fabulous blog, I can't wait to see more.

    Tanya from dans-le-townhouse.blogspot.com


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