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Over the last few months I've seen a growing interest in kitchen renovations from clients, friends and family.  My Real Estate Agent friends also tell me that people are looking to buy homes with mediocre kitchens so that they can build the spaces of their dreams to meet their specific needs.  It's worth the investment too because a good kitchen renovation can increase the value of your home by up to 15%!

I love a classic white kitchen with marble counters, open shelving, and restaurant grade appliances - it's a favourite look in the design community and the shelter magazines because it's timeless, elegant and works for almost any style.  

BUT... I also want to see something different. 

So where to start, you ask??

With any kitchen client, the basic functional needs are similar:  good storage, ample counter space, improved lighting, and overall better flow and integration with the rest of the home for the way people are living today.  We spend a lot of time getting the layout right to maximize every inch of space and provide a highly organized work space customized to the client's specific culinary needs (or lack thereof!).

However, from an aesthetic point of view, the sky's the limit! 

Once we've determined we're going classic, transitional or contemporary, 
the options for finishes are extensive.

Here are some recent inspiration shots that were chosen for 3 different clients - all of whom said they didn't want a white kitchen.  

You'll see a variety of styles for classic, transitional and eclectic kitchen styles.

I love how the quartz top on the counter was used for shelving on the island.
Open and closed storage allows for function and pretty to live together in harmony.

I like the different materials used for the island to create interest and drama

Industrial pendants and metal cabinet doors really make a statement in this eclectic kitchen by Nate Berkus.

A classic white kitchen with a twist - the punch of blue cabinetry with wooden counter top on the island turns this traditional kitchen into a real showpiece!

How smart is this?  See how happy mom is?

I would love to see these finishes in a loft with concrete floors and exposed brick walls.

Aya Kitchens
I think grey is the new white - it's definitely a classic look!

Now, scroll back to the top and look at how different all the light fixtures are in each space.  Each kitchen style can accommodate a variety of lighting options based on the feel of the space.  

Lighting is an integral part of kitchen design; whether to add sparkle and drama, or to contrast with the cabinetry, enhance counter tops and of course, provide much needed task lighting.

This is just a tiny sample of how you can create a truly unique space that fits your family's lifestyle and your design aesthetic... 
and why it's a great idea to hire a designer to help you get the best looking kitchen in the neighbourhood!

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  1. Love these kitchen inspirations! I love a classic, timeless white kitchen with good storage and as much counter top surface as possible.

    I enjoy picking the finishes but when it comes to the best optimum layout to max out every last inch of square footage, I will consult the profession.

    On another note, grey is definitely the new white! Love your image and that kitchen in Sarah's House 4!


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