Architectural Allure

Most of us can appreciate interesting design when we see it - 
a beautiful building, a cool tech gadget, a streamline car, or even a sexy shoe.

I've become increasingly particular about the topic since I'm exposed to so much all the time and with the volume of fantastic online sources for interior design and architecture - I just cant get enough.

So, once my Pinterest page reached a nice critical mass, I decided to share.


Grab your favourite latte here when in Japan

Can you imagine going to work in your office in Abu Dhabi?

Simple but so elegant

Right in your own backyard - love the great use of vertical lines 
in contrast to the organic shapes of trees, rocks and bushes

From the organic ... to the surreal in Japan

Train station in Lisbon, Portugal

Twin towers in Spain

Just the simple lines of wood grain

And the crazy curves ... of a rotating room!

I could go on and on...or you can visit my 

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