The Glamour of Art Deco

I've always had a love of the Art Deco period and the beautiful furniture
with its curved lines, waterfall trims, two-tone wood, aged brass hardware and ultimately, 
just beautiful craftsmanship and attention to detail. 

I recently watched and loved The Great Gatsby movie 
The interiors 
the clothes
the luxe
 the Leonardo...
 and those heavenly parties - so decadent!!!

It made me relook at the many Deco-inspired items I've collected over the years.  
Below are some of the treasures in my home, mixed in with contemporary pieces, 
they really bring character and warmth to any space.

This armoire houses all our extra pillows, blankets and duvet covers.  
The beautiful curves, mixed wood tones and hardware stopped me in my tracks when I saw it at an antique shop up north years ago.
The dark Asian chest on the floor next to it is going to be relocated (someday!)

aged brass door knobs up close

This lovely sideboard stores all my good table linens and sterling silver cutlery
 (lovely things that are only used 1-2 times per year, so sad).  

The bar cart was a common fixture in the party days (of the Deco period and of my youth LOL!)
This cart and chair are both finds during one of  my Antique trips.  The cart was $20!
The chair was quite scuffed up when I found it, so a quick spray spruced it right up. 

The pretty, hand-painted emerald green bottle and glasses are vintage Italian glass, given to me by my mother-in-law (one of the few items she's given me over the years that I truly cherish).

I found this vintage radio at a Church sale up in Cookstown while I was Antiquing with one of my BFF's a few years ago.  It sits on my stair landing now, surrounded by pictures of my trip to Paris, with said BFF. 

This piece has been all over the house over the years because it's compact 
and serves as a nice little surface to display things on top of.  
When I bought it, I actually wanted to put shelves in the back (its backless now) and some castors, and turn it into a bar.  Again, back to the BAR... I really don't drink much at all - 
but I do love the look of a pretty bar set up!

I actually have a second bar tray display with lovely crystal bottles and glasses that were also given to me by various friends & relatives over the years.  The tall one came from my favourite Aunt's house when she was downsizing to a condo and didn't want it anymore!

But enough about the stuff I already have... 

Here are some extravagant pieces I would love to own to add to the collection 

So beautiful...

and when I win the lottery
I will be prepared!

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