Places to Spaces - French Bistro

I love to sit at an outdoor cafe with a friend and just watch people,
especially if it's in a quaint little town in a rustic setting amidst antique shops and artist galleries 
... in the South of France!

Of course, we would comment on what people are wearing, and then "What were they thinking?" is always fun.  The cool jazz in the background, the bicycles going bye, the fresh air.  
But mostly, it's about the downtime from our busy lives to catch up and savour the quality moments with people we care about while enjoying the hot beverage ritual.

To create this feeling at home it's about comfort, with easy pieces that are not too precious and invite you to linger.  Furniture that's been curated over time with history or patina, natural fabrics,  and a calming colour palette that let's you just breathe.  Throw in a few little luxuries to encourage yourself to do it more often.

Start with the perfect reclaimed wood table with beautiful aged iron base 
and classic woven black bistro chairs

Antique Provence Cast Iron & Wood Bistro Table

For sweetheart table....Black/White Everly Bistro Chairs, Pair on
one kings lane black bistro chair

Make sure there are lots of interesting vintage vessels for your lavender or thyme.
Adding herbs or plants to any room immediately brings a sense of calm.

french lavendar bouquets | French Country Lavender Bouquet by timewashed on Etsy for the stepsalways love urns

Must have a large chalkboard or an entire chalk painted wall to add daily menu, 
witty comments (or the kids soccer schedule)

Cállate y come It imprimir cocina tiza por letteredandlined
Chalkboard print Via Etsy

Description and illustration for different coffee
Coffee Menu print Via Etsy

Beautiful Coffee PHOTOGRAPHY | pinned by


How beautiful is this unit? 
A piece of art  that I would happily display on my counter
(This post is quickly become about my love of coffee - Ha!)

Pretty dishes make even the shortest break feel special - I like to treat myself once in a while.
A chocolate biscotti or colourful macaron makes it even better!

Turkish coffee  See step-by-step GIFs to help you achieve flawless, pillowy macaronsTea Service Cookie Stand

I love the juxtaposition of the crystal chandelier in a rustic environment - 
this one has French blue teardrop crystal and a burnished brass finish LOOOOVVEEE!!

Chandelier with aqua prisms

I don't even know which room this is, I just love all of it.  Funny thing is, my house doesn't look anything like this.    Maybe a time for a change!!

Finish off with a natural fiber rug, like sisal or seagrass 
and linen curtains trimmed out in red or black.   
Toile fabric works nicely too and gives a real French countryside appeal.

Sisal! Seagrass! Natural fibers.    Linen curtain with red trim (or black)

Here's the final product.  Feels inviting and comfortable but still chic.

All images and more inspiration on my Pinterest board Country Home

Before you go...

Another shot that captures the moment.

This fashion illustration by the fabulous Inslee Haynes reminds me of my trip to Paris with my BFF a few years ago.  One day at lunch across the street from Luxembourg garden while I drank cafe chocolat and she sipped rose as we watched the sunset in Paris (minus the pooches) ...
très merveilleuse

Paris ~ coffee and wine anytime

Let's have a latte and chat about how I can breathe some bistro chic into your space!

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