New for Spring Decorating

I was sourcing some wallpaper for a client and came across so many great ideas that it spawned the need for a post about what's new for Spring decor.

If you have an aversion to wallpaper because it conjures up images of your grandmother's tiny floral print wallpaper all over the house - get over it!
The new wallpaper's that are out there are printed on paper that is easier to install and some are removable (for renters and non-committers).  
The advancement of digital imaging has infiltrated all aspects of design including walls.

These wallpapers imitate the look of metallic cork (left), the Canadian Shield rock formations (top) and the look of textured grasscloth on a vinyl  (aka commercial grade durability).

I'm also excited to see what's on the horizon for outdoor furniture.

I came across these at one of my supplier's and I just love the unique shapes.  
This chair comes in several bright hues and a coordinating footstool to dress up any backyard.

If bold colour isn't your thing, 
check out these great options in outdoor furniture.

Can you believe the amazing designs for outdoor rugs!

Another thing I'm excited about seeing more of is COPPER.
It goes really well in the Industrial - Rustic - Reclaimed look that's very appealing to so many people.

I love the mix of burnished copper with polished and sections of brass on the table top (right).
Goes well with leather, cowhide, forged iron and all kinds of interesting wood pieces I'm seeing out there.

This is just some of my findings.
I will have to do a few of these posts to capture all the new Spring decor I'm loving right now.
You'll have to contact me to get the deets on these goods for your space.

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