Reading Room... and a Coffee

Sounds like heaven

The one thing I probably enjoy most about winter is not feeling guilty about spending time on the weekends flaking out with a coffee and my favourite reads.

I love getting lost in a good book, or learning something new, or going to far away places without leaving the comfort of my chair. a good book

I remember the first time I walked into a "real" library in University with leather bound books and overstuffed chairs with deep cushions showing their wear.  

The smell of old books still conjures up the great poetry and literary classics I was introduced to back then, when I first developed my love of reading.

"19 Problems Only Book Nerds Understand | Buzzfeed." borealnz

Making the most of this scarce time starts with having the right set up to fully enjoy it.

When all you want to do is sit on your confy sofa and read a great book <3

The right chair or sofa, with chunky rolled arm rests, that invites lingering for a couple hours, lots of fluffy pillows, a cozy throw blanket, good lighting, and a side table to rest my coffee, of course!

A place like this...

snuggle up and ready to read


Surrounded by floor to ceiling shelves of leather bound books has a spiritual quality to it.

Here are some of my favourite reading rooms

looks like an artist's library
This space feels very much like a reference library of an artist or designer, a creative thinker.
It may look cluttered, but she knows where everything is.  There's lots of reading and working going on in this space.

Very cool bookshelf!
This one feels like it belongs to a serious literary connoisseur who takes out one good book at a time  then places it neatly on the shelf once it's finished.

It looks to be a reading nook at the end of the room or in a hallway perhaps.
The massive  dark wood trim that frames the bookshelf, as though a piece of art itself, gives the space importance and creates a lovely feature in this space alongside the very awesome leather Egg chair.

"book nook" the mount / david fuller photo

What ancient stories of far off lands lie behind the velvet curtains?
This is where the very special books are stored - away from peanut butter and jelly fingers!

gloss black built ins

This one is probably owned by a stylish lady that loves her books as much as her decor.
OR perhaps, said books were even chosen just for their colour scheme...gasp!!  
YES, people actually do that!
I do love the high gloss black lacquered walls and shelves with gold inlays on the door fronts.

dark blue built in bookcases

Masculine chic library/office - uncluttered, few trinkets, crystal decanters (why are they empty?)
There are not too many books, but they have all been read and enjoyed.

Reading Room

Enough writing ... I have some reading to catch up on.

All image sources on my Library-Den Pinterest board

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